Making ads right for everyone.

Our technologies enable personalized advertising while preserving the user's privacy.

You own your data. Period.


Your plain data never leave your browser. Cryptographic secure computation is used to deliver privacy-preserving advertising.


Choose the kinds of ads you want to see (context vs personalized) and control how they are chosen.


Unlock a lot of personalized exclusive discounts and promotions delivered to you using the power of secure computation.

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* The extension does not use emails to function since all your data are stored on your device. This email address will be just used to send you an invitaton to try our extension.

Advertisers, we can help you see the forest from the trees!

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Secure computation enables high-accuracy targeting by focusing on the ad selection outcome instead of unnecessarily looking at individual users' data.


View aggregate analytics about how your campaigns are doing in your dashboard to learn about your customer segments and adjust your strategies.


Increase your conversion rates by only paying for actions such as clicks and conversions.

Transparent Pricing

You determine the maximum cost per action you are willing to pay. Using secure computation, this cost is scaled based on the similarity between your campaign and the user.


The ad delivered to the user is selected via a secure and fair second-price auction. No bid shading; no unnecessary middlepeople; just enter your honest valuation!


Automatically integrate your store directly with our network to track conversions. Sign up now to learn about our upcoming automatic Shopify Integration.

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Global Personalization

Offer your users a unified gateway to a personalized experience where they can control their data and accumulate locally a comprehensive profile on and off your website that can be securely used.


Maximize your revenue since users interact positively with ads they can control.

Beyond Ads

You can securely compute on the users' comprehensive profile to perform other tasks such as content and product recommendations not just advertising.


Do not miss on a single chance! We can still deliver privacy-preserving context-based advertising to users who have not installed our browser extension yet.


In a privacy-aware world, it is a challenge to monetize your website and remain transparent with your users. With, it is no loner a challenge!


Stay compliant with privacy regulations while offering your users a personalized experience.

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Privacy is in our DNA is brought to you by a strong technical team with work experience at top tech companies and research institutions. Our skills span the areas of privacy, security, cryptography, and software engineering.

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Facts & Questions

Have a question? Read through our FAQ below. If you can't find an answer,
please email us at We're here to help!

The user installs a browser extension. Their data never leave their browser. First, they set their configurations for their ad experience. Whenever they visit a partner publisher, their prefernces are honored. If they opt in personalized advertising, a local browser profile will be built as they browse the web. Whenever an ad is to be served, a secure computation takes place where only the outcome of ad selection and aggregate statistics are revealed but nothing about the user profile.

Secure computation goes beyond what the term "anonymization" means in the ad tech world. In an "anonymized" world, you can see a vector of interests (such as [food, technology]) without personally identifiable information while with secure computation, you can only see completely random numbers. Secure computation mathematically guarantees that you can not learn anything beyond the outcome of the computation.

You can use a combination of keywords, geographic targeting, and domain names of interest. Let us know your feedback or requests by sending us an email to

Absolutely (if the user chooses personalized advertising based on domain names)! You can create a privacy-preserving retargeting campaign by specifying your domain name. Under secure computation, your ad will be scored higher for users who visited your domain name before.